lotus_4Ganesha is a Hindu figure with an elephant head who is deemed “the lord of auspicious beginnings.” Ganesha is also known as the remover of obstacles. The process of improving health, either physical or mental, consists of removing obstacles to the free flow of energy. Good therapy and good yoga usually don’t involve learning something new so much as they involve removing obstacles to the flow of energy. When you are stuck in habituated ways of doing things, you are not aware of what is impeding your growth. Yoga and psychotherapy are both means for introducing Witness consciousness so that you can step to the side of your habituated patterns and observe yourself. This allows a shift in your awareness and thus provides the ground for change. Removing obstacles often involves shedding addictive patterns that you ‘think’ you can’t live without, but that actually impair your ability to experience of life fully. This process of shedding, rather than being depriving, is deeply liberating.

Wellness from the inside out