Self Renewing Energy

The hybrid car is an excellent model for effective energy management. The gas engine is like the sympathetic branch of your nervous system.  It revs your motor and gets you where you need to go.  However, you will deplete your tank and your precious energy stores if you drive too fast or too hard or if you don’t have another source of energy to turn to. The electric engine, like the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system, is self renewing and provides an alternative source of energy that saves gas and wear and tear on the engine.  Best yet, it replenishes itself through the movement of the car itself.  It feeds off the mobilized energy of the car and then gives back when it takes over and powers the car.

This is a wonderful  model for maintaining a healthy balance within your own energetic system. By all means, use gas when you need it.  But please be careful not to power through your day on gas alone.  Its hard on your engine and expensive too.  You will need to refuel often and may end up turning off your engine completely and holing up in the garage.  Far better to run on electric some of the time.  This is powered by your breath and the rhythm of your own movements.  It is self renewing, like when you laugh with a neighbor or get a zing of satisfaction from a project well done or a hint of inspiration from the universe.

The best forms of energy are self renewing cycles of giving and receiving.  They require engagement but do not deplete your stores.  Ideally your life is built upon a foundational rhythm of expenditure and replenishment.  Your work and your relationships require energy, which then regenerates itself and concurrently enhances your experience.  You are reenergized, rather than depleted, by your engagement with the world.

If you are used to driving on gas, it will take time and practice to reconfigure your programming.  Anyone who struggles with OCD, perfectionism, or addiction is a victim hard driven livin.  If you fall into any of these categories, and who doesn’t to a degree, I suggest beginning a yoga practice.  The practice of yoga is built upon a foundation of work and rest that leaves you feeling renewed at the end.  This establishes a new experience within the nervous system that will begin to trickle down to the rest of your life.


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